Wow, this really steams me up. BLATANT anti Lesbian discrimination within our own so called communities!!! GET THE L OUT NOW!!!

Lesbian Rights Aotearoa

We encourage visitors to the site to read our ‘about us‘ before reading this post. We are a group of lesbians in NZ who want to create positive pro-lesbian spaces and politics.

It’s Pride Month in Wellington and as a part of that Out Wellington Inc. hosts a fair called Out in the Park.

We had our place at the fair confirmed in early February so we’ve been planning on attending for some time. We were excited to go along and show that it’s okay to be a lesbian and proud, but instead we’ve been banned because our kaupapa is not “inclusive” enough.

Festival directors Drew Hadwen and Karen Harris emailed us seemingly out of the blue rescinding our stall and invoice. They said that because they “welcome all people, groups and organisations who want to join with us to celebrate the amazing diversity and creativity in our…

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