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Six years in the gender wars

via Six years in the gender wars


Write for the sake of our progrny: young butch tomboy Lesbians!!!

Gender Critical Action Center

The Issue

There is currently an epidemic of young lesbians being encouraged by “gender identity” ideology to “identify as men.” This is misogynistic, homophobic, and a complete denial of biological reality. These women (many of them teenagers) are ordering cross sex hormones and breast binders on the internet and choosing to have double mastectomies, to the shock and horror of their parents, following a cultural tide where “transitioning” is seen as cool and progressive.

What You Can Do

Email media contacts about the harm being done to young lesbians by so-called “gender identity” ideology. Tweet people. Send this message to Andrea Mitchell. (All necessary information provided below.)

Email Script

Dear media outlets,

As journalists, I think it’s important for you to be aware of the harm to young lesbians being encouraged by our current political climate and by so-called “gender identity” ideology. This ideology, which is being rapidly institutionalized, is…

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I completely agree with this campaign. There are multiple forms of conversion therspy against young tomboy girls, especially those that are same sex attrac5ed, that is: Lesbians!!

Gender Critical Action Center

The Issue

Most media outlets report on the harm of gay conversion therapy, including this recent piece in The Guardian, but are silent on the inherent gay conversion therapy that “gender identity” ideology presents. The media has an ethical obligation to report on this aspect of “gender identity” activism and its real and present harm to gay and lesbian people.

Where is the media in reporting on this new version of gay conversion therapy?

What You Can Do

Email The Guardian and other members of the media and demand that they publish on this new version of gay conversion therapy. (Script and contact info below).

Script for Tip

Dear Editor at The Guardian,

On August 8th 2018 you reported a global epidemic of LGBT conversion therapy and made no mention of the real and present harm being done to gender non-conforming children and teens by “gender identity” ideology itself.  The…

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Despite the fact that trans activists are diligently trying to lower the age of consent for cross sex hormones and surgeries, as a general rule children under 18 in the US cannot access these “treatments” without parental consent (Oregon being a notable exception). I have argued that even 18 is too young to make such permanent decisions, given that executive function skills are not well developed until the early 20s.

But there is another, equally important reason to question medical transition for adolescent girls. According to several peer-reviewed studies (which I will be discussing in detail in this post),

  • 95-100% of girls who “persist” in gender dysphoria at adolescence are same-sex attracted; these girls are typically offered cross-sex hormones by age 16, and  surgeries as young as 18.
  • The typical age that a young lesbian has her first sexual experience and/or claims her sexual orientation is between the ages of…

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This is a giid article and this revisionism smacks if the same ilk as Holocaust Revisionism” it never happened” or in this case ” had to be a female who reslly was a man”. NEITHER is true. Those examples saved me as a teen in 1970s and newly coming out Butch in 1981. I had an explanation for my tomboyism and Bytchness and STILL FEMALE. Because Females can do.many amazing things, even in highly adverse circumstances.


This is a guest post by frequent 4thwavenow commenter Carrie-Anne Brownian, a thirtysomething historical novelist, historian, and lover of many things from bygone eras (except for the sexism, racism, and homophobia).  She can be found at Welcome to My Magick Theatre, where she primarily blogs about writing, historical topics, names, silent and early sound cinema, and classic rock and pop; and at Onomastics Outside the Box, where she blogs about names and naming-related issues. Her only child, a 16-year-old spider plant named Kalanit, has thankfully never had any issues with her gender identity!

 by Carrie-Anne Brownian

A most disturbing development in the current climate of transactivist zealotry has been the posthumous transing of famous gender-defiant women.  Women such as Joan of Arc, Mulan, Carson McCullers, Radclyffe Hall, Mountain Charley (Elsa Jane Forest Guerin), George Sand, and Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt…

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X marks the what?

Another important article. Words follow thought

language: a feminist guide

Earlier this month there was controversy after the Wellcome Collection, a museum in London, used the word ‘womxn’ in its publicity for an upcoming event. ‘Womxn’ has been around for a while in activist circles: there are various Womxn’s Marches, the Olympia YWCA in Washington State runs a ‘Womxn of Achievement’ award, and the UK organisation Her Stories recently announced an art auction to benefit refugee and migrant womxn. Nevertheless, Wellcome got so many complaints that they eventually removed the contentious X. ‘We invite challenges to our thinking’, they tweeted, ‘and we listen to our audience’. But what were they thinking when they originally chose to write ‘womxn’? And why did that choice provoke resistance?

These questions take us back to something I’ve discussed in a couple of recent posts: the contested concept of ‘inclusive language’. The letter X in ‘womxn’, also found in ‘Latinx’, ‘folx’ and…

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Our Bay Area Multi Decade Butch Dyke Herstory, yes I am in this. Proudly so.

Women’s Liberation Radio News

On June 23rd, the afternoon of the San Francisco Dyke March this year, Bay Area author, filmmaker, and lesbian Giovanna Capone led a discussion on the herstory of butch lesbian culture present in the Bay Area in the 90s. On the call are Mel Stapper, Pippa Fleming, and Artemis Passionfire. We open the discussion with a poem written by Ms. Capone, titled Endangered Equals At Risk, read by WLRN’s Sekhmet She-Owl.

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Sister, been fighting this infiltration into Female spaces 25 years, ans cannot believe how bad its gotten for us Lesbians and women as a whole the last 5 to 10 years…

Jane Clare Jones

Normally when I write I make jokes. But this morning I find I really don’t feel like joking about any of this right now. I finished working late yesterday afternoon to discover Graham Linehan telling me on Twitter that Twitter had announced a potential new policy that would lead to the ‘immediate silencing’ of my voice. And when I read the proposed policy I realised, with a wash of sudden cold shock, that he was right. Those of you who know me, know me. You know that I have dedicated my entire adult life to thinking about injustice, and to analysing how mechanisms of domination function to destroy the lives of vast numbers of people, because of their sex, or sexual orientation, or socio-economic class, or race. You know I’ve never bothered much with accumulating civic or financial power, because I think we live in a bankrupt neoliberal patriarchal white…

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Very very important case for the sake of ALL LESBIANS to speak freely

Lily Maynard

The crowd gathered to support Linda & Venice outside Westminster Magistrates Court.

On 26th September 2018, Venice and Linda had to present themselves at Westminster Magistrates Court in answer to a private prosecution brought by a tranactivist who felt threatened by one of 67 year old Linda’s comments at a ‘We Need to Talk’ meeting last year.

I’d arranged to meet Venice and a few other people at Starbucks on Baker Street at 8.45, which meant getting up at 7am. Not my favourite time in the morning.  It was an early start and I’m not great at early starts.

Venice Allan Venice & her mum enjoy a pre-court coffee

It was a bright, cool morning and the coffee steamed in the sunlight. Linda arrived, with her partner and friends, looking very dapper in a pin striped suit. Everybody seemed in very high spirits, and Ruby and I sat outside with Venice…

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Song for Equinox Full Moon

Blessed Be. Time of balance. Raking leaves, preparing the grass planting bulbs. Serious season, gathering in…harvesting my tomatoes

Wild Women Wisdom

Oh mother, holy mother, ancient mama, sacred mama~

I honor the fire I build, its slow burn in all this wind.  Feeding of wet wood and kindling, faded newspaper, scrap by scrap.  Feeding sure as I have fed and grown this harvest season, season of light and peak of summer sun.  How many lives that live inside just one?  Feeding that eats, and transforms.

I honor the water of you, mama Atlantic, salty brine and seaweed hair.  Waters of upcoming fall, season of emotion, reflection, season to clean and cleanse~

Season to rest, to make room.

Gibbous moon, yellow behind grey sky, silver cast over the sea.  Last of summer’s wax!  Last of the element of fire, as we lean now west, water bound, yes.  You will peak mama moon just after it has become Fall.  I can feel your tension already, the shine light on what we have grown…

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