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Cultural Genocide

Right on Sister, right on!!


Cultural genocide is a term used to describe the deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of a people or nation for political, military, religious, ideological, ethnical, or racial reasons. (

Women are a people with a shared culture and history.

A shared culture and history that predates all other cultures and dates back to prehistoric times. Goddess figurines depicting a female body are evidence of this.

A shared culture and history of which our biology is just one small part but a part nonetheless.

When our bodies have been made into men’s property this is part of our history.

When we honour our bodies and reclaim spiritualities that worship our bodies this is part of our culture.

When we see our bodies as part of our humanness, as women, not men’s property this is part of our culture.

When we reclaim our bodies rather than have men define them this…

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pussy church of modern witchcraft

In my last post I talked about building an altar and, once done with the creation, spending some time with it and grounding your energy in order to open up to the flow of Divine Energy. Here are a few ways to ground your energy. If you’re unused to this, it may take a bit of practice to get comfortable, just like with any new thing. After a few times, though, you’ll find it gets easier and faster. Feeling grounded is a vital part of self-care in the ebb and flow of our day-to-day lives. It’s so easy to get pulled off-center by the news, family concerns, friend drama, health issues, and other aspects of living in our world. Womyn are incredibly powerful, but we can feel scattered and unsure of ourselves when we don’t remember where we stand and how we’re connected to the Earth’s vitality.

Simple grounding out…

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Beautiful, and powerful.

pussy church of modern witchcraft

I pledge myself to the fire of life, to the poetry of the soul, to the forging of our strongest, supplest, most radiant selves, to the healing of my life, ever forward, gently, to the mending of all hurts and conflicts, to the healing of those around me, to the protection and healing of your living planet through word and deed and joy.

Pledge By Mael Brigade

Sister Dandelion is not on social media. You can reach her at

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We must keep reaching out…

Gender Critical Action Center

The Issue

U.K. officials have invited a consultation to discuss proposed changes to its Gender Recognition Act. The consultation ends October 19, 2018. Current law requires a person to go through certain physical changes like hormonal and surgical “therapy” before obtaining a “Gender Recognition Certificate” (GRC). The proposed changes would allow any person to obtain a GRC on the basis of any self-declared “gender identity.” The government is turning itself into pretzels trying to allow anyone to obtain a GRC on the basis of self-identification while also allowing for the maintenance of sex-segregated spaces, which, of course, is not possible.

U.K. media is covering this issue extensively. See here and here and here and here. Why is the U.S. media not covering it? It’s not as though these types of legal changes aren’t being proposed in the U.S. too (see email script below for more information). The U.S. media’s…

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Recipe for a Naming

Yes Sisters, Yes, for 36 years yes. Since the Dyke Witches brought me out!!

pussy church of modern witchcraft

Sisters, we welcome you to the Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft.

PUSSY as in Tiger, as Jaguar. As Lion, Fiercest Feline Female: mother, sister, daughter, hunter. She Who Provides. She Who Protects. Cat-Women WILD and FREE!

PUSSY for purrrr, for plucked out of the ethers and birthed through an unfolding rose, the Perfect Pussy out of which each and every human being emerged. Undulating folds of pink, red, plum, brown, and all of her many slants and shadings! Watermark, moon-touched, Pussy flowers as magnified, worshipfully, through the brilliant unflinching gaze of Sister Georgia O’Keeffe, nectar we long for, we women-loving-women, we Pussy lovers, we flaming tongues and hands. Sacred yoni, sacred source, Goddess Pussy! Giver of Life and Love! What is more worthy of our adoration and praise?! PRAISEBE the Pussy, let Her sing and be sung through our lips!

We circle, we spiral within and around…

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Disgusted beyond belief. WBW space is almost extinct and thus our voices are being silenced by entitled males. Patriarchy Witchhunting Witches and now Patriarchal Witches are hunting Matriarchal Centered Witches. Strange WWitches hunting witches in the name of a generic ” diversity”. As a DYKEAMAZON WITCH WHOSE MYSTERIES ARE STRICTLY FEMALE I AM OFFENDED!!

Gender Identity Watch


On July 18, 2018, Casey Zabala wrote to Max Dashu, an accomplished scholar who documents women’s herstory worldwide, to inform her that she was no longer invited to present at the upcoming Modern Witches Confluence in San Francisco as the result of “serious push-back” from people asserting via Facebook comments that they feel “excluded by [Max’s] presence” at the event. Zabala claims “I am going to have to remove you from our workshop line-up” as though there is no other option.

This is yet another troubling example of trans activists pushing for the exclusion of women from events they were invited to because those trans activists decided they couldn’t handle being around women who don’t share their opinions. The thing is, no one was forcing anyone to go hear Max Dashu speak. Attendees could go to the event and just, not go to her talk if they don’t want…

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Very very important these actions. Otherwise we will be swallowed up in a mixed up hot mess and the liberation we worked for will disappear. Any Lesbian and any womon HAS A RIGHT TO SAY NO TO ANYONE!!!

Gender Critical Action Center

The Issue

Factions within the “LGBTQ+” community are denouncing Gay and Lesbian individuals for acknowledging that their sexual and romantic attractions are based on sexed bodies, not socially constructed “gender identities.”

This is a growing global attack on the sovereignty of homosexual people not only to set and establish boundaries around sexuality, but also to gather as a defined class and organize to eliminate discrimination and political disenfranchisement.

This is a global trend. Homosexual people are being vilified by the “LGBTQ+” community for having same-sex attraction and demanding the sanctity of same-sex attraction be respected. The U.S. media has ignored this, and their silence is enabling and promoting discrimination, harassment and violence against a vulnerable minority.

What You Can Do

Email members of the U.S. media and demand that they report on these homophobic occurrences and condemn the mischaracterization of Lesbian and Gay sexuality as bigotry (script and contact info…

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Dividing the Divided

Powerful powerful powerful, one of the Sacred 12 DykeAmazon who stood up at San Fraciso Dyke March

Rad Fem Amazons

Our experience at San Francisco Dyke March on June 23, 2018 proved to be many things: disappointing, shocking, volatile, AND empowering. It has also been dividing us.

We know that the trans and transactivists use deliberate tactics to paint gender critical questioners as the worst of all things: they call us racists, bigots, “phobic”, intolerant, non-inclusive (or “exclusive”,) fetishists, fascists, conservatives and old (i.e. irrelevant).

We aren’t cool like “they” are. We have closed-minds. We are full of hate. We deny their existence. We are violent.

More pointed language is how they speak TO us and about us: Nazi, colonizer, TERF, CIS, Trump-supporter, middle-class, heterosexual, lonely, angry, bitter, hateful and ugly.

They do this to trigger something in each individual who dare challenge the trans invasions into female-safe spaces.

They do it to unify themselves and to divide us. Its horribly clever, really. We become like ten thousand ants each…

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I will defend WBW SPACE, Dyke/Lesbian, Amazon and Female Being FOREVER….we may come many different ways, like the Goddess of 10,000 Names. But we do NOT have or ever had a penis.

Time for the handmaidens to wake up and join your Sisters. No male has your best interests in mind, especially when around other males or benefitting from patriarchal privilege, which on a twisted way mtfs do.

la scapigliata


This is a post-letter to a young woman who protested against the meeting to discuss changes to the Gender Recognition Act. You know who you are.

You were holding up a placard with misogynistic slurs, you put a mask on and blocked the path of women who could be your mothers and grandmothers, you encouraged your masked male colleagues to intimidate them, you abused women you never met before. And you turned a deaf ear when trans-identifed male speaker came out to appeal to you to calm down and stop trying to prevent a democratic and peaceful gathering. You also refused to come in and politely debate your point.

For a long time now, I ‘ve been trying to gently explain to you why this wasn’t ok, but you are not listening. In fact you’ve done it again and now we need to talk.

There is 3.8 billion women on…

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