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New Year New Theme

My FAVORITE Tradeswomon!!!

tradeswomn musings

Dear Readers,

Thanks for hanging in with me in the two years since I started this blog. When I first started I was expecting to stick to a theme—the history and also the current status of the tradeswomen movement. I’m a long-time tradeswoman organizer and acknowledged as the institutional memory of the movement in the San Francisco Bay Area (even though my poor memory is legendary). I figured if I didn’t write our history, no one else would and then it might be lost. In my years of organizing in the anti-war, civil rights, union, feminist and tradeswomen movements I/we have learned much from mistakes as well as successes and I regret that we have been able to create so few institutional paths to pass along our knowledge. We have continually asked the question: how can we help young activists learn from our mistakes and keep from having to reinvent…

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One woman army…


GenderTrender received notification yesterday from that Cathy Brennan has filed a legal copyright claim of ownership for the now-archived website RadFem Hub.

Specifically, Ms. Brennan demanded that GenderTrender cease and desist in displaying the above screenshot of the RadFem Hub website header on the grounds that Brennan is the sole and legal owner of said intellectual property.

Cathy Brennan played no part in the creation of the RadFem Hub project, nor participated in the creation of its header or graphics design. She was reportedly brought on board just prior to the demise of the site, under verbal agreement that she would maintain the $50. a year URL costs in perpetuity, an agreement that was apparently reneged on in the space of one year. It is believed that Brennan produced no original content related to the site.

Brennan filed six other simultaneous copyright claims against this website for seemingly…

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The Colonization of Womanhood



In his 2007 article The Emperor’s New Words: Language and Colonization, David Gonzales Nieto discusses colonization, defined by Oxford dictionary as either 1) The action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area or 1a) The action of appropriating a place or domain for one’s own use.  Gonzales Nieto discusses the role colonizers’ usurpation of native languages plays in the domination and oppression of native cultures.  Citing psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary and writer Franz Fanon, Gonzalez Nieto writes, “as part of the process of colonization, the colonizer endeavours to redefine the world and present it as a fixed reality to which the oppressed must adapt. ‘The colonized is elevated above his jungle status in proportion to his adoption of the mother country’s cultural standards’” (p. 231).  The colonizers’ views of native people as inherently inferior, and of themselves as inherently superior, meant…

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The Adult Baby Story

Very powerful share.
.NOT going along with others delusions

Words by Maria Catt

When I was little I liked playing pretend. I would run the length of our driveway and pretend I was winning the Olympics. I would prowl the yard with my toy rifle pretending I was Annie Oakley. The kids of the family who babysat me, Kate and John and Rob, and I would play dress up and pretend we were in the Muppet movie, or Indiana Jones, or even just in an office. (Oh gosh the world of adult work appears so engaging to kids.)

Playing pretend is what little creative kids do, and when the other kids grew out of it I double downed with the rest of the theater kids, doing 3 hour long productions of Godspell and South Pacific at a community theater with no air conditioning in an old church club building.

How different does the daily narrative you are building in your head have to be…

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Truly truly powerful, and I AGREE WITH IT ALL!!!

Elemental Witch

“The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities; we should regard the female nature as afflicted with a natural defectiveness.” – Aristotle

“The male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; and the one rules, and the other is ruled.” – Aristotle

Apparently, we’re back in ancient Greece, because the basic premise of Aristotle’s statement is taken to its most tangible conclusion with trans ideology, which is the most ass-backwards, illogical, misogynist wave of antifeminism to date. Radical feminists—or any woman who knows penis is male (cause it is)—are accused of reducing women to our genitals when we assert that female biology is far too complex to transition into via any medical procedure, and that our female biology is not an identity, but a visceral, real, and immutable quality of womanhood. Huge, glaring issues with trans ideology:

1. By taking a male human being…

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Lavender Blume

When Emma Watson posted a tribute to the late Alan Rickman by highlighting one of his quotes about feminism, she faced a swift backlash for what some people idiots claimed was a gratuitous promotion of feminism (because promoting feminism is a bad thing and famous people are never quoted in memoriam?).

It’s always good overall, I think, when men can say the word feminism without looking like they’ve just smelled something funky. Although it’s helpful that not all men (or women) think it’s a dirty word, not speaking derisively about the movement for women’s liberation is a basic minimum of decency. If the bar has been set so low that men are lavished with praise for verbally recognizing that women are human beings, this is a solid argument for sustaining the topic in public discourse, to be sure.

The question is: who should shape and own that discourse? Lately there…

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Lavender Blume

Anyone who has delved into the topic of gender identity has likely heard about the diverging understandings of gender according to queer theory (gender is an arbitrary, personal, unqualifiable feeling) and radical feminism (gender is a social construct with well-defined parameters). This disagreement comes down to how womanhood and manhood are defined (although for reasons obvious to feminists, the nature of womanhood is much more frequently debated) and what we’re ultimately supposed to do about sex/gender stereotypes.

For centuries, women have struggled to break away from the expectations regarding how we’re supposed to look, act, think, and feel. While debates rage on about what it means to be a woman or a man – or a proper lady or a real man – there are people who want to identify as something other than what they were born as or how they’re expected to be. While it’s often said that the reason for…

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We stand up

How do we fight back against trans infiltration of ALL our womens spaces?  Now that the Obama administration has given them the green light?

I am absorbing all articles on all fronts and radical change has to happenn where women rule withOUT regard to men’s egos or whining whatsoever but what is best for Dykes, womonkind as a whole, Mother Earth and Her creatures and the children.

Male violence MUST BE STOPPED COLD. No excuses, no outs. And Womyn MUST DEVELOPE an Amazonian attitude where we HAVE EACH OTHERS’ backs as Sisters, and where we have the ability to enforce our No and No More…Defense, not offense. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES, each other and Mother Earth


Fighting back

UVic Womyn's Centre

UVic Womyn is calling for financial disclosure and an end to harassment of feminists at the former Womens’ Centre in the wake of a “take-over” of women’s space.

The feminist group is demanding the University re-open space for women only. In 1981, the UVic Women’s Centre was established as a women’s lounge and meeting space. In 2016, the collective re-branded it “Third Space” for gender-variant people, and adopted new policies that require members to subscribe to its theory of gender identity.

UVic Womyn is also challenging the Third Space collective’s decision to “donate” $3200 of its budget to former financial coordinator Daphne Shaed, a trans person who identifies as a Hindu woman.

In September, Nadia Hamdon, the new financial coordinator, quit her position without explanation and the centre is now unstaffed, according to an email from Erin Ewart, the executive director of the UVic Student Society.

“This raises a…

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