Far more Lesbians have Labryis, NOT Black triangle tattoos since Labryises denote our power as Amazon Warriors and Liberation. The Black triangle depicts our oppression. BOTH are depicted on the purple Lesbian flag!!

The LGBT community as a whole has derived and adopted various signs, symbols and colour codes for flags from different sources. The sources can be historical, cultural, academic or a social practice from the past.

These symbols were primarily used for self-identification as well as a display of unity, allegiance and support among the group. But these chosen symbols or colours were more than mere signs. Just like a country’s flag or national anthem gives its citizens a sense of integration, they gave the LGBT community a sense of belongingness.

Related imageLGBT Unity (source: https://goo.gl/64igJs)

The most famous representative of the LGBT community is the rainbow flag. You can read about its history and significance here: The Story of the Rainbow Flag

But there are many more with equally important past and importance.


One of the oldest of symbols to mark the LGBT people is the pink triangle…

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