I so agree with this Lesbian Sister!! When I first came out ” political Lesbianism” was all the rage. I dated a few of these women who ALL went back to men, nor were they at all comfortable with ACTUAL Lesbian sexuality. Then as distateful as it was, I went back to the fay bsr to date Dykes, most who were drunks and nonpolitical, but they were REAL Lesbians, all too many who drank from the pain of all you described above. And especially hatred against us Butches, which all too msny ” political” Lesbians and Feminists think is ” genda” and a throw back and that we are ” just like males”. Well we have NONE of the male privilege and males can turn.on us in a minute, deny us jobs and harass us for not being ” properly feminine” or accuse us of ” wanting to be a man”, and shame us. Or worse. Its the most obvious and Butch Lesbians often targeted fir ” corrective rape”, murder and harassment. While straight women often fear us. No wonder so many young ones just wanna transition so they can ” fit in” and be left alone. No straight or bi so called ” political lesbian” can EVER get this, nor so called transbian either.