We are in revolutionary times, when our Dyke herstory is under attack and being revisioned and our Butch Dykes, including myself, are under siege, the core of our very identities as Females, as a part of womonhood, defined FOR AND BY  ourselves, our very essence and Amazon strengths and natures, our sexualities, indeed the depths of our Butch Dyke souls and Beings, are being redefined as some version of male, as if the Patriarchy has seated itself in our brethrens bodies, not by consensual sexual acts we choose freely with other womyn loving womyn, and as lovers of womyn and the depths of the Sacred Female which we honor and worship to the deepest extent of any Beings on this planet, sexual, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and psychic connections which we love and lust for at the deepest part of our DykeAmazon souls, but by surgeries and hormones and peer pressure convincing the youngest amongst us who differ from the malestream version of womonhood to even a small inkling or degree that we ‘must be male’, lest we turn out to be dreaded Dykes, Gorgons, Medusans, Amazons, Viragos and all those womyn who defy feminization and heterosexuality.

Indeed as Judy Grahn has said in her book “Another Mother Tongue”, we ARE the Ceremonial Dykes, the ones sporting tattoos, heavy jewelry and leather, indeed I am myself as is my Butch Dyke partner, a sexuality in and of itself often cloaked within the Dyke/Lesbian communities and often silenced, but we have always existed, us Butch loving Butches.  And that every Butch or womon defines herself from the most obvious of us, we who sport fierce short haircuts, men’s watches, work in construction, big heavy boots, or the latest in sneaker footwear, long braided hair never to be mussed with, or dreadlocks, wildly colored hair, cotton, leather, silk, satin, velvet, vests, ties, blazers,  t shirts, jeans and dress pants.  And yes, some of us wear sandals too, to keep comfortable, especially after a day in leather workboots on the job. We dress in many ways that others define as manly, because we reject feminization and femininity, FOR OURSELVES. We are the other kind of womonhood, the kind that heteros fear and instill in their children, even those who would grow up to be like us, because we ARE the thing they fear most deeply.

As DykeAmazons, Amazonism has ALWAYS been a Female Resistance movement, against the enslavement of womyn, the stifling of our souls, our creativity, our intelligence, our sexual Beings, and our Craft of the Wise, those Powers stolen away from us we exercised during our Matriarchies…and we have always been those womyn to defend those Matriarchies and that sacred womonpower. With our words, our Labryises, our swords, our actions, our pens and now our computers. Join us, and feel that Female Pride of Power and resistance in your soul! Do not succumb to the lies or the mutilation of your bodies, minds or spirits! Your body is your temple, and your body is a living temple of love, your body is the body of the Goddess, as is your mind and spirit, and She comes in 10,000 different guises, Warrior, Lover, Crone, Giver of Justice, Free and Wild, Maiden, Mother, Womonlover, every size, race, color, shape. 30,000 years Ancient, and modern day….She exists in each one of us born female, do not forsake Her within you….and Her Amazon Sisters you will recognize by the fire in their eyes. Keep that fire burning bright and let none turn you asunder.

In Sisterhood, We Rise, The Earth is a Womon and SHE WILL RISE, AS WE DO!

-IN Butch DykeAmazon Sisterhood,