I agree, postmodernism is entirely useless. At least Radical Feminism has a passionatre logic to it and while I may not abide or agree with all aspects of it, its a philosophy and politics that makes total sense to me for my liberation and thst of all womonkind!!!And the preservation and protection of Mother Earth.

I have always had definite opinions, I respect people who do who can back them.up with facts and logic. I dont trust people who don’t. All too wishy washy, and easily persuaded and manipulated.


FROM: off our backs, August/September 1999, V.29; N.8 p. 7, Word Count: 2852

by Karla Mantilla

“After doing some reading in postmodern theoretical texts, several things about the theory suddenly struck me as incongruous. I have been trying to see not just what postmodern theorists say about their theory, but more importantly, how postmodern theory functions in the world–what are the effects of adopting postmodern thinking and theorizing. What became clear to me after some reading was that the overarching effect of postmodernism is to silence thinking and speaking, both personally and politically. I am aware that this is a rather outrageous statement given the attention postmodern theory pays to privileging the voices of

marginalized people, to giving voice to those previously unheard, and to investigating the silences embedded in the dominant discourse (to sling a little postmodern verbiage myself). However, in a deep reading of how postmodern theory functions…

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