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I have two good friends who are mums with small boys who like wearing nail polish and dresses, as much as they like playing with toy bulldozers and aeroplanes. One is three years old, one five. They identify with girl cartoon and Disney characters as much as boy ones. The three-year-old really wants to be Elsa from Frozen.

He’s connected some dots lately, too, asking his mum, “Mama, do you have a pee-pee?” Mama says Nope – she has a vagina. “A jina?”

Hmmm. Well, mama looks more like Elsa, so Elsa must have a jina. I want to be Elsa, so… I have a jina! This little boy is now announcing to strangers that he has a “jina”. Sometimes he also tells them that he is a dragon, and sometimes he goes up to his dad and says, “pow pow!” and pretends he’s fired a gun at his dad. It’s called magical thinking, which is a normal part of…

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