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Lesbians, better start practicing your Amazon Warrior skills!!


An unprecendented blogpost today from an alleged LGBT website. Bil Browning’s Bilerico raises a discussion of whether Threats and Violence Should Be Used against Lesbians by Transgender so-called allies! The question of whether threats and violence should be used against Lesbians was raised by a male transgender Mercedes Allen who is sponsored by the Bilerico website. He posted that he personally was against violence against Lesbians by Transgenders: “ And I want to be clear that I am not advocating threats (or worse, violence) to try to silence the authors — on the contrary, I’m perfectly happy to hold Brennan and Hungerford’s views up for all to see, and let the public be the judge.”

What On Earth??? Who on Earth in the LGBT umbrella ISADVOCATING for violence against Lesbians? Transgender males, according to Mercedes Allen. Apparently transgender folks are upset that two Lesbian women wrote a letter…

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Love my Molly Martin, ALWAYS she has been an inspiration to me and an Electrician TradesSister

tradeswomn musings

In the wake of harassment allegations against sexual predators including movie moguls and our president, tradeswomen applaud women who are telling their stories and rising up against this outrage.

Women in male-dominated occupations have been fighting this fight for as long as we can remember. We’ve been on the front lines of the feminist movement for decades defending our sisters, supporting legislation to protect women against sexual harassment and helping employers and unions see their responsibility on this issue. We and our fight have been invisible except to each other. Every female construction worker has experienced harassment and all of us can say #Metoo.

grafitti Taped on the counter at my supply house, 1983. Sealtite is a type of electrical conduit.

In 1980 I worked as the only female electrician on a big construction job in San Francisco. That’s how it was for us then, and that’s how it still is…

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Fascinating, all for it. One piece of the puzzle ro dismantle Patriarchy

indigenous motherhood

Want to smash the patriarchy, destroy misogyny, and demolish sexism?

Smash, destroy, and demolish colonial systems from our lives.

Because ultimately colonial systems are created with the task to uphold, preserve, and maintain the longevity of patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism.

And truthfully, Indigenous systems are the weapons to use to completely smash the patriarchy, destroy misogyny, and demolish sexism from our livelihoods.

The challenge in dislocating ourselves completely from colonial systems and immersing ourselves fully in indigenous is people’s self-made limitations around what that means.

Colonial systems have become a lifeboat for some of our people. There is such a heavy reliance on them for everyday living that it has become almost habitual to live with them. Academia, legal aid, social services, human resource sectors, medical supports, and governmental systems exclusively cater to colonialism, and our people are consistently choosing these systems as their only options for daily life. There…

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Excellent article in working with womyn of color.

Sister Outrider

A brief foreword: this is the conclusion to my series of essays on race and the feminist movement. Parts 1, 2, and 3 can all be accessed here. The following knowledge was acquired at great personal expense. Use it how you will. Dedicated to every woman – Black, brown, and white – who has sustained me through sisterhood.

Whenever I discuss racism in the feminist movement, this question is invariably asked as a result: white women wonder “what, specifically, can I do about racism? How can I create solidarity with women of colour?” It’s a complicated question, which I have been considering closely for over a year now, and there is no one simple answer. Instead, there are many answers, of which none are static and all of which are liable to shift in relation to context. The reality of the situation is that there is no quick…

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Not The News in Briefs

On Saturday January 21st the Women’s March on Washington took place in order to protest the potential effects the election of president Donald Trump would have on women’s rights in the USA. Conceived of by women, organised by women, networked and shared by women and overwhelmingly attended by women, the Women’s March became a chance for women worldwide to join in solidarity with their American sisters, and march for women’s rights in towns and cities all over the world. And this is what women did, in large numbers and in many places.

It is quite clear from the pictures that this was a women’s event, though it was by no means exclusionary – anyone could attend, but the focus was on women. In the UK for example there were many feminist and women’s groups represented:

It was a powerful opportunity to get across whichever feminist message meant the most to…

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This needs to get out EVERYWHERE women go.


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Source: Transwomen & Sexualized Violence

Source: Transwomen & Sexualized Violence

Nwo Report

Snowden says surveillance is really about brainwashing the public, and not terrorismSource:

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has revealed that the real reason the government uses mass surveillance on the public, is not to protect them from terrorism, but to brainwash them using social conditioning so that they can assert their control on the population.

Responding to a question on the recent Panama Papers leak, which has implicated multiple public figures in mass tax evasion, Snowden said: “I signed up to defend my country,” he remarked about his decision to join the NSA. However the oath he took was to defend the constitution not the agencies of the government, or the President. “It’s not an oath to secrecy.”

Snowden spoke to recent developments in the technology landscape, with special praise reserved for Whatsapp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app. The makers of the app recently decided to implement end-to-end encryption for the personal messages of its…

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I tried to engage the San Francisco Dyke March and got censored In March I have attended for many many many years

Purple Sage

Well, folks, I am back from a lovely and relaxing trip and ready to address the stinking pile of horseshit that people crapped onto my blog while I was away.

I published a guest post by a woman who was harassed at the Vancouver Dyke March, and her harasser showed up in the comments to continue the harassment. It’s absolutely amazing to me that a harasser can get called out on his harassment and then decide that the appropriate response is to continue harassing. How messed up of a person do you have to be to think that’s a good idea?

Mr. Wanda Normous made a feeble attempt to claim that he hadn’t harassed anyone by reporting that he didn’t use a loud voice when talking to her. However, he admitted in his own words to engaging in the following behaviours:

  • “follow around to counter your hateful message until…

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