I felt the same way snorkeling in the Bahamas. Great analogy!

Big Mouth Girl

I am thrilled to include the illustrations of my very talented friend Leanne Franson in this post.

Snorkeling - Feh! Snorkeling – Feh!

The first time I went snorkeling I was kind of “eh” about the idea. I mean I’d been to the beach hundreds of times throughout my life. Like, “ok… now I am going in the water with a mask on. Big deal…”

Mind you, most of my beach experience was in the Santa Monica and Venice area of CA. That’s where, for a good many years of my childhood, I grew up . For this snorkeling adventure, I was in New Caledonia which is a small French-colonized island in the South Pacific, surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon. I was there performing for the annual Festival Femmes Funk, an incredible music festival celebrating local and international women musicians.

What's the Big Deal? Click to view larger!

The majestic blue New Caledonia lagoon is such…

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