Time for the handmaidens to wake up and join your Sisters. No male has your best interests in mind, especially when around other males or benefitting from patriarchal privilege, which on a twisted way mtfs do.

la scapigliata


This is a post-letter to a young woman who protested against the meeting to discuss changes to the Gender Recognition Act. You know who you are.

You were holding up a placard with misogynistic slurs, you put a mask on and blocked the path of women who could be your mothers and grandmothers, you encouraged your masked male colleagues to intimidate them, you abused women you never met before. And you turned a deaf ear when trans-identifed male speaker came out to appeal to you to calm down and stop trying to prevent a democratic and peaceful gathering. You also refused to come in and politely debate your point.

For a long time now, I ‘ve been trying to gently explain to you why this wasn’t ok, but you are not listening. In fact you’ve done it again and now we need to talk.

There is 3.8 billion women on…

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