Yes!!!Amazons Rise!!!Weaving Rainbows in the Sky….

Purple Sage

I had such a lovely dream that I wanted to share it with you.

I was at some sort of lesbian retreat, and it was in a natural area but it didn’t look like North America, it looked more like rainforest area. One of the activities was this waterfall that you could actually jump off of. It was a really huge, tall waterfall surrounded by lush green forest. One particular woman had rigged a system where you could jump off the waterfall using a sort of bungee-jumping apparatus. So I was at the top of the waterfall and a group of women were helping her attach all the equipment, and I saw her jump off.

In real life, jumping off a waterfall would be dangerous and scary, but not in this dream.The inventor of this bungee thing had built it securely and it moved rather slowly, so that she glided…

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