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love her love what she says and WON against Fallon Fox, but notice Fox’s advantage and addressed it


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I love love love this article

writing by renee

I have two good friends who are mums with small boys who like wearing nail polish and dresses, as much as they like playing with toy bulldozers and aeroplanes. One is three years old, one five. They identify with girl cartoon and Disney characters as much as boy ones. The three-year-old really wants to be Elsa from Frozen.

He’s connected some dots lately, too, asking his mum, “Mama, do you have a pee-pee?” Mama says Nope – she has a vagina. “A jina?”

Hmmm. Well, mama looks more like Elsa, so Elsa must have a jina. I want to be Elsa, so… I have a jina! This little boy is now announcing to strangers that he has a “jina”. Sometimes he also tells them that he is a dragon, and sometimes he goes up to his dad and says, “pow pow!” and pretends he’s fired a gun at his dad. It’s called magical thinking, which is a normal part of…

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Love what she is saying here!

writing by renee

One of the key, stated motivations driving liberal transactivists is to end unjust violence and discrimination inflicted on a marginalised group: violence that should never be condoned. Many transactivists I know are community-minded liberals who want to make life easier for a minority group suffering discrimination – and that is fair enough.

I would be on board with this campaign, too, if it was not in actual fact so clearly focussed on attacking women; and if it did not pose such a huge, persistent and aggressive threat to women. Transactivism has to date been so effective in its silencing and bullying of women too, at taking down feminists whatever their public profile, that it also reveals itself as something much bigger and more sinister than a grassroots movement based on solidarity.

It also makes no sense to attack women, and feminists, if your ultimate concern is with gender-based violence…

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Who’s silencing who?


Feminist in Exile

Too many of these things have happened to me as an.out loud and proud Radical Amazon Butch Dyke who HIGHLY VALUES WBW spaces and womyn…who NEEDS Female and wbw Lesbian space to feel whole and renewed, who is sick and tired of compromising!!!


On the subject of whether a woman is an adult human female, feminists have been made thoroughly unwelcome on the left. So if liberals think it’s very strange for feminists to work with conservatives, they should probably stop telling us to “drink bleach” or looking the other way as online mobs demand that we be fired.

Talking with friends this week, I listed out types of incidents that have happened to myself or feminists I’ve talked to as a result of gender identity disagreements. They include: rape and death threats, stalking, assault, being targeted for harassment at work or being fired, being threatened with boycotts, being falsely accused of committing criminal acts or violence, having their personal information publicized, being banned from student clubs, having social media accounts suspended, or being blacklisted in their field.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Women even run into this outside of politics…

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Miriam Ben-Shalom honored

My Jew Dyke Shero, what an Amazon!!!

Purple Sage

Remember when lesbian heroes Miriam Ben-Shalom and Karen Weiss fought off some would-be carjackers? They were honored Wednesday by the Milwaukee Common Council for their bravery. You can see Ben-Shalom accepting her award in the video at this link.miriam

She is looking fabulous in her leather jacket and old-school dyke rat tail. The mainstream media don’t report that it was two LESBIANS they were honoring, but I will! Ben-Shalom is very humble accepting her award, saying it was just the right thing to do—but she and her partner were very brave and they fill my heart with pride! Way to go!

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