World Wide Gynocentric ENERGY, WE WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!Goddess Awaken, Goddess Arise in the hearts of ALL Womyn!!!

The Zen Itch


A few days ago, I saw the FB post about “The Bigger Picture” about the Women’s March and its role and interpretation among the chaos of recent events. And there is a story behind that.

Global Vampirism and Media Prostitution

During the campaign and ever since his election, “Emperor Trump” has focused more people’s attention on himself than anyone else in history. And he has done so without carrying an ounce of real responsibility. He still doesn’t because he is constitutionally incapable of grasping the difference between a reality TV show and the Oval Office. He has shown himself unable to withdraw from his narcissistic orgies and continues to parade himself in his new role.

The reason this could happen is the ratings greed of the “media”. Trump’s unpresidential unreality show keeps the ratings up and apparently sells more unnecessary garbage to more sheeple than ever before. He is an…

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