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.NOT going along with others delusions

Words by Maria Catt

When I was little I liked playing pretend. I would run the length of our driveway and pretend I was winning the Olympics. I would prowl the yard with my toy rifle pretending I was Annie Oakley. The kids of the family who babysat me, Kate and John and Rob, and I would play dress up and pretend we were in the Muppet movie, or Indiana Jones, or even just in an office. (Oh gosh the world of adult work appears so engaging to kids.)

Playing pretend is what little creative kids do, and when the other kids grew out of it I double downed with the rest of the theater kids, doing 3 hour long productions of Godspell and South Pacific at a community theater with no air conditioning in an old church club building.

How different does the daily narrative you are building in your head have to be…

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