Powerful thinking here, beautiful song by Nedra Johnson about Gathering at Michfest, interview with Ruth Barrett Female Erasure com8ng out shortly, an anthology, womon positive, gender critical, supportive of wbw spaces….for empowerment and orgnizing.

Women’s Liberation Radio News

WLRN’s fourth monthly podcast examines the cultural phenomenon of female erasure with emphasis on the importance of women-only spaces. It is packed with input from influential and passionate women dedicated to female liberation, marking the one year anniversary of the end of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MichFest)– a notoriously woman-only event which took place yearly for 40 years. Thistle Pettersen visits the land and reports back with women’s voices.

Also featured:  WLRN’s Sekhmet She-Owl speaks with Sarah Jones, a WoLF (Women’s Liberation Front) organizer, about WoLF Fest– a women-only event taking place in September in California. Also coming out in September is the book Female Erasure, compiled by Ruth Barrett, who spoke with our own Elizabeth McKeown. You can also hear the music of former MichFest performer Nedra Johnson.

You will find the extended interviews of these excerpts under our Interviews tab.

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