As a Lesbian, Jew and Butch, she would be a Lesbian foremother, one of the many Lesbians active in the artistic European Lesbian scene in the 1920s….

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The BBC recently commissioned an article on Claude Cahun by Aindrea Emelife that suggested she was transgender, and not the lesbian artist, photographer and activist whose work was rediscovered by feminist art historians in the 1980s. On reading the article we are reminded of the importance of context – historical, political, social, cultural – and why neglecting it can have profound ramifications on how we perceive the past and consequently, the present.

The social and political landscape into which Cahun was born is entirely relevant to her subsequent art, political activism, her expressions of sexuality  – Cahun was a lesbian – and her values, all of which must influence and inform how we approach her as an artist and a woman.

cc and mm(Claude Cahun and lesbian life-partner Marcel Moore. Both used male pseudonyms as an act of rebellion in a patriarchal society and to significantly mirror each other. Both artists…

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