Guilty as charged. I let her kill the dandelions with pesticides and now I feel horribly guilty. They took over the whole lawn. I will reseed but I also have a box about 8’by 8′ that I will need cleaned out as its got all kinds of stubborn weeds in there and will use for food. It will need some rich mulch. I also have planted tomatoes in pots, radishes too, and bulbs both in pots and the ground.

Personally I like SOME lawn so I can do my Karate on soft grass. But I also want beautiful flowers and food plants.

The Roaming Ecologist

Prairies – those critically endangered and complex ecosystems understood by few and misunderstood and destroyed by millions of people.

Lawns – those myopically obsessive (and evil) urban, suburban, and increasingly rural monoculture eyesores that displace native ecosystems at a rate between 5,000 and 385,000 acres per day* in favor of sterile, chemically-filled, artificial environments bloated with a tremendous European influence that provide no benefits over the long term; no food, no clean water, no wildlife habitat, and no foundation for preserving our once rich natural heritage.  And there’s the unbearable ubiquitousness of mowing associated with such a useless cultural practice, which creates a ridiculous amount of noise pollution, air and water pollution, and a bustling busyness that destroys many peaceful Saturday mornings.  The American lawn is the epitome of unsustainability.

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