Very very profound. Anorexia may have been the first way young girls could stave off their womanhood. Now they can just bind their breasts(a dangerous practice itself on heart and lungs)or jave them surgically removed.

NONE of the above solutions AT ALL addresses the immense sexism EVERY Female faces as a class at ALL AGES. Now with syrgery and hormones young women can opt out all together.
But it DOESNT solve the underlying problem of sexism against Females and the HIGE toll it takes, denying our full Humanity and bodily integrity.


I’ve never been comfortable with the idea that once you have anorexia, you never quite recover from it. It sounds too fatalistic, too hopeless and yet at the same time too self-indulgent.

I am 40 years old. It is nearly three decades since I was first diagnosed and I have been what is considered a healthy weight for most of the past two of them. While my eating habits are not necessarily normal, I would not describe myself as still suffering from anorexia itself. If anything, what I suffer from is not being anorexic any more.

I am not at home in the body I have. I’ve never got over the desire to tell people, the first time I meet them, that this isn’t the real me. The real me is thin, breastless, narrow-hipped. This version of me is a poor compromise, a pathetic accommodation. I look like a woman…

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