Yes..this IS an important ritual to do. Isis bookstore, a Goddess,Pagan Alternative spirituality bookstore in Denver has been attacked, signs and windows broken from people’s ignorance who cannot distinguish The Goddess from these terrorists.

Its is important Her Name is reclaimed and we call upon Her to end this horror against women and girls especially and all humankind.


I write two columns for     One is Meditation, having taught Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 18 or so years and the other is called “She Who Is All – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names”, where I write about a different Goddess(s) each month.  

Last month, January, 2016, angered and saddened over the use of Her name by  the terrorist group Daesh, I wrote about the Egyptian Goddess Isis, which you can read here.  I was reminded of all that I knew of Her, and again, heartbroken that this group, and the media which report of them, continue to call them by Her name, and not ISIL, the Islamic State, or by the term, Daesh, which they hate.   

As someone who follows a Dianic/Goddess-based spirituality, I decided to put my sadness and outrage to use and write the following Goddess Isis  Ritual.  If you lean…

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