Uh YES. As we’ve lost Michfest, our coffeehouses, bars, bookstores and other Lesbian and women centered institutions..as we’ve lost our Lesbian communities themselves and Gathering spaces where we cannot be free of males..but makes still have the prerogative, power and money to gather solely amongst themselves including Gay males.


New York Times: Men to decide New York Times: Men to decide

You will seldom see a more sobering example of the utter disrespect, silencing, censorship and complete removal of women and lesbian representation from public discourse regarding our rights as human beings than you will from the New York Times this evening.

The Times has initiated a male-only “debate” about the impact of attaching the transgender politic (which promotes and codifies noxious social sex roles and sex stereotypes against women) onto the lesbian and gay rights movement. Eliminated from this debate are the women and lesbians whose rights are directly at odds with this movement.

The New York Times culled ALL women from this discussion. They invited six men: four gay, and two male genderists (one gay: drag queen Laverne Cox from RuPaul’s “Drag Race”), and one straight (explicitly anti-lesbian activist Susan Stryker, who has campaigned to outlaw lesbian public gatherings, organizations and activism on…

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