Even in Goddess only Dianic circles some shit is just too fru fru for us Butch Dykes. One thing I hate is when they talk about “Divine Feminine”…and I constantly have to correct them.by saying “Sacred Female…because not all Females are Feminine. It excludes us Butches abd we are part of the many flavors of womonhood.” It gets tiring…

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Have you ever seen a flyer that says “female attire only”? That’s discrimination. Some of us don’t own any dresses or things that are considered “female attire”.

Have you told a butch woman where she must stand in circle “to balance the energy”? That isn’t her fault it’s yours for being a piss poor priestess.

Have you ever given a woman a look up and down because you don’t approve of how she presented at ritual?

Pointedly looked at the sign on the bathroom door if you weren’t sure whether someone was in the right restroom. Or flat out ask if they are in the right place.

Direct her to the men’s ritual or side.

Assume because she is presenting masculine she is going to behave in a masculine way. You know what they say about assuming?

Assume that we would be interested in you sexually, probably not but you’ll…

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