Right on And some of us Butch DykeAmazons continue to do this…remembering those times and staying true to our WildWomon Souls….

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

D is for Dianic

The Dianic I came to as a new student of the formal Craft is not the Dianic that people are practicing now. For one thing the population of women is different. When I became a Dianic in 84 or 85 there were very few straight women. There were no queer women. There were no transgendered women. It was just a bunch of dykes that wanted to worship a goddess that looked like them and acted like them. The women I met were primarily of the androgenous or butch variety. There were a few fems but most of them showed up later as someone’s girl friend.

We were the women that organized the rituals at the West Coast Women’s Music Festival. We were the women that didn’t shave. That bared our breasts or did until sunburn set in. This was way before the alphabet soup that divides…

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