Wow…I am blown away by the sheer depth of your analysis. Really really excellent aricle as as much bybBruce Jenner as I am by Rachel Dolezal. And let’s not forget that women are ALWAYS more despicable than men..pure sexism in giving 65 year old Brucie a pass while heaping it on poor deluded Rachel. BOTH are opportunists and BOTH are claiming an identity not their own.

Even IF there’s ANY believability to transgenderism
or transsexualism…I would far more believe someone who transitions at 18 or 20 because thry cant stand the anatomy they were born with nor could in any way adapt to the expected social roles,,than someone who has lived his whole life till.retirement WITH MALE PRIVILEGE AND THEN PUBLICLY MAKES A SPECTACLE OF HIS TRANSITION!

My biggest concern is them transing these kids so THEY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!! And their attempts to.shut us Dykes and Radical Females the fuck up!!! Great great analysis I will.have to.ponder on.a long while!!

Root Veg

No sooner had we recovered from the ubiquitous and nauseating coverage of Bruce Jenner’s public ladypersona transgender identity reveal than the story broke of Rachel Dolezal, a self-identified black woman, Africana Studies professor and Spokane NAACP president who was in fact secretly white. lmao. Social media was predictably all over it like cat hair on my best jeans. Just as the collective cogs started slowly, rustily screeching into an unfavourable comparison between transgenderism and transracialism, the hivemind stepped in to prohibit thinking about it, for compelling reasons like “welp nope“, “nope stop” and “shut up“. The claim that one can identify their way into a group on the basis of its social construction, regardless of the fact that the construct itself is predicated on the physical features of those it’s designed to oppress, is obviously strikingly similar for both Bruce Jenner’s transgenderism…

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