Eugenics is correct…as a Butch who was a hardcore tomboy I was constantly put under pressure to be feminine and under a psychologist help I know a big part of that was because I was refusing feminine roles. Nor were family members supportive once I did come out. I can feel in my bones the fear when I read raising them as boys .then giving them the hormone blockers and then the possibility of surgeries all because any sign of homosexuality IS NOT ok!!! Never wa I told there is a different way to be a girl than feminine and stereotyped…but I was anyway!!! And still played ice hockey and karate things girls werent doing much of in the 70s.



Green’s prospective study of gender-variant boys (1987) followed into adolescence and young adulthood found that 75% of those who could be reassessed had developed a gay or bisexual orientation, and only one was primarily transsexual. Subsequent studies of girls and boys have continued to find that the majority of gender-variant children grow up to have a homosexual or bisexual orientation rather than identify as transsexual (Drummond et al., 2008; Wallien & Cohen-Kettenis, 2008).

I’ve often said that gender, or rather gender expression doesn’t necessarily work in the favor of homosexual individuals. Gay men and lesbians are still regularly harassed and degraded  for exhibiting “signs” that they may be gay, because lets face it, most of the time we aren’t actually out in the streets being gay. We are targeted often because they go off of the notion that we are gay merely because of mannerism, speech patterns or…

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