Finally…calling it what it is. The more obsession they have with femininity the more disgusted I get. I had femininity forced on my entire childhood and teenage years which I resisted to my parents’ and grandparents great disappointment. Finally it all made sense when I came out as a Butch Dyke and found other Females like myself. Many many Females resist or don’t conform to feminine stereotypes…others feel pressured to do so to get a good paying job or a man. That’s what femininity is all about: a stereotype…a role. It DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE FEMALE!!!

The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

The overwhelming majority of male-to-fake-“female” transgenderists, probably around 90%, are “late-transitioning” men who are sexually attracted to women. Most of the time, these men report a history of secret cross-dressing since childhood. They usually lead stereotypically “normal” male lives, having “masculine” interests, having wives & girlfriends, fathering children, and seeming like regular heterosexual guys. You would never imagine that they got erotic thrills from dressing up in women’s clothes or fantasizing that they had breasts and vaginas or fantasizing that they were going on a date “en femme” with a handsome (male) stranger. Meanwhile, that’s exactly what’s happening: they’re dressing up in women’s clothes and then masturbating about various “feminine” fantasies.

Men like this used to be called “transvestites.” However, ever since “sex change operations” came along in the mid-20th century, researchers have noticed that a large proportion of men requesting estrogenic hormones and genital mutilation surgery have been these…

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