Wholeheartedly agree again BBB. I am so so sick pf the infighting and horizontal hostility as Dykes. Its what keeps us weak. As a LeatherDyke, as a DykeAmazon as a Butch Dyke, as a Goddess worshipper of the Sacred Female on EVERY lecel from sexual to spiritual and everything in between. As Lesbian WOMYN we will get NOWHERE if we keep up tge decades long infighting. It is not solely because of the trans or gay men that our community is in tatters. Its that we dont recognize each other and allow for differences and disagreements without all out war defaming and rejection of each other in other words…horizontal hostility. IF we stood strong together ENMASSE DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCES BUT RESPECTFUL…gay men would not be allowed to run roughshod over us nor would the trans because AS UNITED DYKEAMAZONS we would be a bloc a group a Tribe that has to be honored and dealt with. We showed our potential when Michigan Equality came after us and our oerformers at Michfest but the huge Gay Inc groups pulled out…led by two Lesbians, NGTLF AND NCLR. That is a small victory nationwide for us! And 5hat is BECAUSE WE UNITED AS DYKES!!!

Doesnt matter if its nature or nurture or a bit of both. If you love women.erotically,.emotionally,.spiritually and live it and are penis free…then you ARE Lesbian no matter how you get there…

In Sisterhood FeistyAmazon


So here’s the thing. We, as women, can disagree with each other and still support, like, and even love each other. I have been trying to be consistent with my blog and write in it at least once a week, but this last week or so has left me somewhat heartbroken, watching women on Facebook, Twitter, and different blogs argue over the debate of political lesbianism vs. lesbians who feel they were born that way.

I realize I sound a little kumbaya-ish or like a voice from the past asking, “Can’t we all just get along?” but this is pretty serious. Whether you consider yourself a lesbian who was born gay or whether you consider yourself a woman who came into being a lesbian through your politics, it doesn’t much matter to me. What matters to me is how we treat each other.

True, if one were to go by…

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