Love this….womyn come first and foremost no matter what!!!

The Arctic Feminist

Earlier this week I stated that “radical feminism isn’t for every woman”.  I’m not sure if my exact meaning was gotten.  Since then I’ve mulled over how to explain it because to me it summed up most of the frustration I’ve been feeling for awhile.  Over the past year or so its really sunken in to me that our communities online and in person are strikingly liberal and there are women who strive to make them even more so without ever stopping to ask themselves if that is an appropriate thing for them to be doing.

When I was newer to radical feminism I read a woman state that you will not change radical feminism, radical feminism will change you.  I already had this idea.  I had it when I sat with my copy of Intercourse thinking “do I really want to read this?”.  I knew if I read it…

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