We are at a war. As a lidelong DykeAmazon I realize this. I remembered what we had…and just how much we lost. And that Michfest has been around just 5 years longer than I’ve been out as a Butch Dyke. I came out in 1981 at the height of Lesbian.culture..but since the 90s has been in ever accelarating decline. This truly saddens me just how much we’ve lost..partly because of economics and bad economies destroying our vulnerable institutions and partly because of the absolutely corrosive nature of the trans movement and gay male sexism. And the distraction and lack of solidarity between Lesbians. But this wave shows we are ready to rise again! As OUR OWN PEOPLE like we did before..and claim.our Amazon Natyre once again!!! Because Queer Nation.has done NOTHING FOR Lesbian.Nation!!!


399px-Emily_Dievendorf1 Emily Dievendorf- creator of the largest anti-Lesbian boycott in history

This afternoon Equality Michigan announced that Executive Director Emily Dievendorf has resigned. The surprise announcement comes on the heels of the withdrawal of support by The National Center for Lesbian Rights and The National LGBTQ Task Force for the controversial anti-Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival boycott authored by Dievendorf last year.

Dievendorf, a “Bisexual Rights” activist partnered with a male, organized the contentious boycott against members of the lesbian community who support the iconic annual 40-year-strong women-only music festival. The boycott targeted Lesbian artists, Lesbian musicians, and Lesbian vendors, as well as attendees of the event, calling for a financial attack on the women’s livelihoods. The justification for this boycott was Equality Michigan’s claim that lesbianism is a form of discrimination against male people, and that affinity groups based on the female experience are unfairly discriminatory against males. Last August…

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