Yes,yes and YES. Time to organize and stand up to these bullies. Trans “women” are males. They WANT access to all our spaces and identies AS FEMALES…whether it be woman , lady or Lesbian..but they are MEN and socialized AS MEN.

The best a FEW of them could hope for is like wgat tge Natuve Americans have done; adopt someone into the Tribe AFTER they have proven themselves…but even so they would never have FULL tribal status not being born and lived their whole lives as a Tribal member.

But because MTFs prove over and over again how male they are by their threats, their attitudes and behavior, no matter their appearance, they don’t “get” on any but the most superficial levels what it means to be a woman. So they won’t even qualify for partial Tribal status..except maybe a very tiny minority.

Gender Is War

What drives trans aggression toward feminists? I’m talking about the rape and death threats, goading others to join in, bragging about how many “terfs” they would kill and how. Why do they do that?

The answer comes straight out of the standard handbook on men who abuse women.

  • THEY CHOOSE TO. In the same way that they choose NOT to blow up at the boss when they are angry.
  • IT WORKS. They get what they want (in the short-term) – release of tension, submissive behaviour from others.
  • THEY GET AWAY WITH IT. If there are no negative consequences such as police arrest and charges, then the message is that abuse is acceptable.
  • ROLES AND HIERARCHIES. Traditional gender roles teach men to dominate and women to submit. Our society also supports hierarchies, with the belief that every group, family, or relationship should have one person in charge and it is acceptable…

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