I agree with much of this article AND LIVED IT in the Bay Area..where there become fewer and fewer Dyke centered spaces and fewer and fewer women centered venues and womon only Lesbian centered spaces and groups to where there are practically none. And all the womens bookstores and most Dyke and womon centered institutions gone. Absolutely crazy making to me as a 3 decade out Butch Dyke active in Lesbian.and women’s community

Dusk Is Falling

Unfortunately, self-identified queer women shaming lesbians within the female queer community, particularly the young under 30s-community, is the norm these days. What would have once been primarily understood to be lesbian spaces for lesbian women are now queer spaces in which it is not acceptable for women to declare themselves lesbians, or uninterested in men, or uninterested in penises (especially the almighty ladypeen).

But who are these queer women who are shaming lesbians? I think a lot about this, and I don’t think the answer is a simple one. I also don’t think I’ve fully captured the complexity of what is going on in this post, probably not even close, and as someone who has tended to limit my exposure to queer spaces since I don’t find them that friendly to me, my analysis may be incomplete. But I wanted to get my thoughts down anyway, since these topics are…

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