To no end..this shit pisses me off! Men DICKtating to us Lesbians who we should have sex with, where and with whom we should gather, and d3nying us what they have taken so for granted with their tons and tons of boys only clubs. If they dont get to see watch and fuck Lesbians lije they see in fake “lesbian” porn..if tgey dobt get to be center stage and included when Lesbian WOMYN/ DykeAmazons gather, instead of creating THEIR OWN events or trans only biys who will be girls or any gender events..they are completely bent on DESTROYING OURS AND EVERY REMNANT OF LESBUAN/DYKEAMAZON CULTURE!!!

Has this been done before? YES! Wgmgen tge Castrati slowly took over the place of womyn Priestesses in tge Ancient Goddess Temples eventually replacing them altogether. Eunuchs guarded the harems as they have become the guardians of us Wild Free Lesbians…the freest and most autonomous womyn on the planet when we are away from MEN….whether past, present or future males…


women in the woods Women in the Woods: Historic Thirty Year Lesbian Event

Lesbians have no longer have any right to hold social events that exclude males. Such events cause heterosexual males to commit suicide, claim transgender activists.

The Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center, host of the Historic ‘Women In The Woods’ caved to the suicide threats of “Male Lesbians” who claimed that the existence of Lesbian events makes men want to kill themselves.

“A big stir around our circle recently has been a conversation/debate about what defines gender and who gets to decide,” posted Breitenbush Business Director Peter Moore, whose space has hosted the historic Lesbian event for the last thirty years. And the answer was “Men”. Men get to decide what lesbians do. Heterosexual Men get to decide when and where and how Lesbians get to gather and organize, and the decision these men have reached is: “never”. After this…

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