I chose to come out…because it never worked with men…but it was completely natural with women…Ive always been a hardcore tomboy who grew up to bd a Butch dyke..so I had the proclivity…BUT I also made choices and rejected the feminine role when I saw how my brother was treated vs me and how my father had so much more power than my mother….nature AND nurture. Whatvdoes it matter if its a proclivity or an active choice or a bit of both? I am ALL for women having choices over their lives!!!

Dear Patriarchy---DIE!

I think that it is imperative that we question all patriarchal ideas including the ideas of sexual orientation and gender, regardless of whether or not it is politically correct. I’ve seen this subject skirted and tip toed around, but I can’t help but imagine a world without patriarchy and if we can imagine a world without patriarchy we can also imagine a world without labels such as heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer and so on.  If we begin to question these labels and where they came from, we would see that their origins are from a false biological essentialist idea that we are born sexually oriented and gendered, this idea coming from men and patriarchy itself in order to mandate the subordination and domination of females.  What is ironic and tragic is that the very same idea was adopted by the LGB community and then later the Transgender community…

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