Wow Im blown away by this blog!!! Well written! And for me as a young Butch Dyke in the early ’80s I was taught our menses were our greatest Female mystery tying all Females together throughout time!!!


*This is a joint post with the amazing, brilliant Phonaesthetica
*TRIGGER WARNING: Super-long post

We love watching “Hoarders.” One thing we especially enjoy about the show is the occasional character break of the therapists, wherein they drop their clinical reserve and TOTALLY PASS JUDGEMENT on the hoarder, e.g., This house is hoarded and disgusting or Look, it doesn’t matter if this magazine “smells” or not: A mouse has pooped on it!

During a recent “Hoarders” binge, we viewed an episode where the hoarder had allowed termites to devour her home to such an extent that one entire wall of her kitchen was gone and in its place, a flimsy blue tarp.

Even the psychologist was shocked by the neglect, and in his shock, lapsed into inadvertent profundity:

This used to be a . . . where there used to be a wall, he stammered. Where there was a wall…

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