We all know about the silencing men do to us all the time: trying to talk over us, being the ‘experts’ on EVERYTHING all the time, being the religious “authorities”, the newsman’s voice, and if we get insistent, shouting us down and threatening us with violence or entirely dismissing our pain and experiences, implying we are hysterical or mentally ill(and they and their point of view so sane and rational). While THEY continue with their greed, rapaciousness and lust for power to destroy the Planet..


In landmark UK cases, successful criminal prosecutions have taken place against those who menacingly threatened feminists on the internet for daring to have an opinion and expressing it in the public domain. Today, a man was jailed for 18 weeks for making violent threats: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29411031

Social media has become male supremacy’s modern way of finding witches; the women who won’t conform, the women who speak out and try and help other women. The feminists of today. It’s absolutely no coincidence that today’s convicted abuser referred to  ‘witches’ and used the violent imagery of drowning.

Both women involved powerfully describe how they feel on the day the sentence is known:



Their success in getting as far as prosecutions, let alone convictions, is incredible in a world where attacks on women are trivialised, dismissed and deliberately ignored. The success means that ALL feminists are a step closer to being able…

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