I really really like what she has written here…it speaks to the deepest levels of me as a Butch.

Lavender Jane Strikes Back

A butch friend of mine went through this really unfortunate phase once, where she made all these jokes about women drivers.

I don’t tolerate that kind of talk. When I hear someone trashing women, I feel no less offended and disgusted than I would if that person had thrown up on my shoes.

So I told my friend that I didn’t think those jokes were funny, that she would have to stop telling them if she wanted to be my friend. Because she is a kind, thoughtful, politically aware person, she stopped telling them.

I’m still friends with her and she still feels embarrassed when she remembers what she said. To be honest, I think she’s a little hard on herself. We’ve all done it, and I don’t mean the butch we, I mean the lesbian we, the woman we, the ALL OF US we.

It’s too easy to engage…

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